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Elite Solar Energy.

Why customers choose us


Save 30% with the Federal ITC Tax Credit*

What We Do

Elite Home Energy Solutions is here to help make your home safer, more energy efficient, and increase in value for your family and our planet.
We're an energy solutions company that's powering homes and businesses in the best way possible. Our team will come to your property, engineer the right energy solution and install your new system as quickly as possible. 


We use the highest  quality solar panels with 25 year product warranty.

Pair your solar system with a battery storage which automatically detects power outages.

Pair your solar system and battery storage with your a whole house generator for the maximum protection.  

EV Charging

Power your electric vehicle with a residential or commercial charging system.

Upgrade your home to be safer, stroner, and quieter year around with our hurricane impact solutions.

At Elite Home Energy Solutions, making your home safer, and energy efficient is our main focus. Our team of installers have performed hundreds of installations across South Florida.  With Elite Home Energy Solutions, you can rest assured that our team is working to increase your financial savings. Our installation process is handled from start to finish by our in-house experienced professionals. We will work to handle permits, designs, installation, activation, and everything in between. We’ve got a diverse staff of consultants, engineers, and installers to handle every step of the process.

Each installation varies depending on the customer’s energy needs, budget, home type, roof type, and more.

Why Us?

Custme Testimonials

Customer Testimonials.

Watch how Elite Home Energy Solutions is helping this customer save money!

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